Welcome to the Tidewater Tai-Chi Center, the school that teaches authentic Chinese Tai-Chi for body, mind and spirit!

Tidewater Tai-Chi Center was founded in 1974 by Lawrence L. Mann who, before he died in 1997, asked Donald Davis, Michael Ingersoll, and Jeffrey Karako to assume responsibility for the school.

The school traces its lineage through Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Robert W. Smith, and Frank Wong to Cheng Man Ch'ing, Yang Cheng Fu, and Yang Jian Hou, then to Yang Lu Chan, who created the Yang style of t'ai chi ch'uan in the early 19th century. Instruction employs classical principles to emphasize t'ai chi ch'uan as a philosophy, health practice and martial art.

All instructors have many years of experience practicing t'ai chi ch'uan and other Asian martial arts. 

New Classes are now forming in Norfolk & Virginia Beach! For more information, please contact us.