T’ai Chi for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Teaching the Ancient Art of T’ai Chi View Our Schedule

T’ai Chi for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Teaching the Ancient Art of T’ai Chi View Our Schedule

Learn T’ai Chi From a Trusted School in Virginia Beach, VA

Since 1974, Tidewater Tai-Chi Center has been teaching T’ai Chi Ch’uan in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, VA and their surrounding areas.
We have been instructing T’ai Chi as a form of philosophy, health practice, and martial art.

What Is T’ai Chi?

T’ai Chi Ch’uan, or T’ai Chi for short, is an ancient Chinese art is derived from the philosophy of Taoism and emphasizes meditation through movement. It consists of postures that are practiced with the intention of integrating the body, mind, and spirit.This centuries-old practice has been shown in recent research studies to have numerous health benefits. These health benefits include improved leg strength, balance, and flexibility in the joints, strengthened immune system, and reduced hypertension.T’ai Chi is known to encourage flowing relaxation through proper breath control and concentration. This kind of relaxation will enhance emotional well-being, inner peace, and harmony.


Benefits of T’ai Chi

Medical researches show that the slow and gentle movements of t’ai chi are effective in improving one’s physical and psychological well-being, balance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory functioning. T’ai chi also helps reduce chances of bone loss, fibromyalgia, arthritis symptoms, and of getting Parkinson’s disease.

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Five Principles

There are many principles to follow in T’ai Chi. We concentrate on these five:

1. Relax – No tension. No squeezing of muscles.2. Waist is the Commander – All movement starts from the waste and the rest of the body follows.3. Body Upright – Standing tall. No leaning.4. Separation – When standing weight is distributed 70% in one leg and 30% in the other or 100% in one leg.5. Beautiful Lady’s Hand – Hands are kept like they are resting on a table. Wrists do not bend.